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A performer whose microphone is an extension of his musical passion that leaves his listeners feeling that they have been personally serenaded.

Corey Adams was born in an era that marked the civil rights movement and the birth of cultural diversity as we know it today. If one had to describe this remarkable musician or be asked “Who is Corey Adams?”, the answer would be, that he is a man after the heart of God , a pacesetter and gifted jazz musician whose talent has spanned 41 years touching the lives of everyone who has had the opportunity to listen to his music. Corey’s passion for jazz stems from the ability of the music to convey a story that transcends color or creed.

As a young boy of 8 years old his love for jazz was ignited by his talented father Bucky Adams who encouraged Corey to sing the jazz standards. Even as he trained his ears to become acquainted with the art of jazz, Corey began to emulate some of jazz greats such as Chuck Mangione, Maynard Ferguson, Clifford Brown, and Roy Eldridge. Corey’s musical metamorphosis into being a jazz performer thus can be linked to his early self-education. The richness of his voice is that of a “singer whose vocal technique is similar to that of a musical instrument, and whose singing has a strong jazz feeling, chiefly imparted through phrasing, melodic improvisation, and rhythmic subtlety”. During his teen years he played alongside renowned performers such Mike Cowie and Danny Martin. Corey continued his musical exploits with one of Halifax’s noteworthy Black show bands, “The Hands of Time”, travelling throughout the Maritimes entertaining listeners with an inspiring selection of R&B tunes. After performing with “The Hands of Time” for about 2 years as a trumpeter Corey relocated to Baltimore Maryland to study music theory and voice at Bellaire High School where he became the leas bass baritone in the state choir.

When Corey returned to Halifax he fused talents with his dad, Bucky Adams and the nine piece Blues band , “Bucky Adams’ generation Band” singing and playing the alto saxophone at some of Halifax’s finest entertainment spots. Corey later ventured into forming his own band, “Corey Adams and the New Generation Band”, and became the lead singer. One of Corey’s most outstanding and memorable performances was during a live taping of CBC Radio’s program, “Identities”, when he sang the song, “Feelings”. It was, at that moment, that Corey discovered his dynamic inner ability to dig down and produce a unique, rich, deep, and yet smooth tone that could fill the largest hall. Corey and his father delivered a stunning performance which was among the contributions that led to the CBC to win the Gabriel Award for Broadcasting Excellence. The essence of the performer and humanitarian that Corey embodies is truly reflected in his first recorded single entitled “Share” that he produced in 1983. This record echoes human values and a restoration of hope to the young people of the world. A percentage of the sales from this record went to “Save the Children Foundation”.

From 1984-1986 his musical voice became an instrument of peace, becoming a voice of the people who were seeking to have their music heard on the basis of talent and not the ethnicity. The birth of “Corey Adams Promoting Arts Association” came into existence with the directive being to create a balanced playing field for all musicians. He became in all reality the face of the people, representing visible minorities on several events committees and working in conjunction with his arts association began holding street concerts with an impressive number of attendees. Corey became the first promoter to stage a performance at the Halifax Commons. The genre of performers included 12 bands and an audience of close to 20,000 people. Corey also performs in Toronto- in hotels, jazz clubs such as the “Nawlins”, art galleries, private parties, weddings, and concerts. He sings the songs of the all-time greats — Arthur Prysock, Billy Eckstine, Joe Williams, Nat King Cole, and Lou Rawls to name a few. Corey performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario with local greats such as John Summer (drummer), Kieran Overs (bassist), Mark Eisenman (pianist), Greg Stone (guitarist), and Perry White (saxophonist).

Corey has been featured as a guest artist at the Montreal Bistro while performing with the dynamic Steve Kove Trio. Corey has a duo-recording with Canada’s distinguished jazz pianist, Oliver Jones. He performed with Walter Borden at Halifax, Nova Scotia’s – Neptune’s DuMaurier Theatre in “Four Walls of Blue”, written by Jeri Brown. Corey also has performed with the accomplished jazz pianist Robert Botos and the Boto’s brothers which was recalled as being captivating and inspirational. Corey is known as a performer whose microphone is an extension of his musical passion that leaves his listeners feeling that they have been personally serenaded. Corey truly lives by the words of his musical inspiration Mr. B.B King: “We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about but try to be yourself while you’re doing so.

Corey Adams sings with the “All-Star Band” locally consisting of Holly Arsenault, Chris Mitchell, Dave Burton and Jamie Gatti.  Quite a compliment for your next event!!

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