About Hogtooth

Hogtooth is a four piece heavy metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia consisting of Allen Byng (vocals/guitar), Justin Wheeler (lead guitar), Logan Hamilton (bass) and Dean Robinson (drums). Hogtooth formed in October of 2018 and in just a short amount of time have already started making a name for themselves. With an energetic stage appearance, dedication to their fans and uncompromising compassion to their music, Hogtooth is the missing piece that people never knew they were missing. If you take classic hard rock and heavy metal, then add a unique and catchy twist, you are left with Hogtooth; something new and familiar all at the same time.

In July of 2019 Hogtooth released their first demo entitled ‘Plaguing the Free’. The demo was written, recorded and produced entirely by the band themselves. Hogtooth is not afraid to put the time and work into their own craft as they create all of their own music, lyrics, artwork, videos and promotion materials. Hogtooth is currently recording their first EP titled “You Can’t Handle the Tooth” as well as playing live every opportunity that arises while still working on new material. This up and coming act is not one to be missed and not one to disappoint. Can you handle the Tooth?

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For more information or bookings