About James Desmond

Recording Artist/Musician James B Desmond, is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was raised in Musquodoboit Harbour, on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia!!

James spent the majority of his 30 years creating and performing music, starting at age 13 with hip hop, morphing into doing country/folk and R&B music.

James has always been a big fan of Elvis Presley, Beach boys, and the Beetles! James loves music in its entirety. Music isn’t the only thing he excels at doing, however; James is a skilled rigger/metal fabricator at the Halifax shipyards which he enjoys.  JD is a dedicated family man who loves being the eldest sibling to his police officer brother, and his little 13-year-old sister who is following in her big brother’s footsteps with music!

James has written several of his own compositions and is currently working on a full-length project to be released in 2021.

James loves performing and looks forward to making your event a successful one!

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