About Richard & Somebody's Kids

A Canadian band that plays gritty and original rockin’ blues. Richard MacDonald grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, defending himself and others from a young age. He learned to play guitar and trained as a boxer when he was a teen, but a drive to help others learn to defend themselves in and out of the ring quickly drew him to coaching fighters. Through all of this, Richard wrote meaningful songs about the kinds of people he met along the way. Decades of training boxers in Canada and the USA has given Richard MacDonald this unique insight to human nature that toes the line between old school fighter and insightful musical poet. With a clear command of the stage and a wry humour, he tells stories of people forgotten or overlooked. People who stand their ground and roll with the punches as life moves along, cornering them, pushing them to fight back back or to throw in the towel.

With the influence of Americana, folk, and rock this unique band has a little something for everyone. The rocky blues licks and Texas slide guitar swing with a keyboard bass, and the filling sound of Hammond organ. Band Members: Richard MacDonald: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Stephen Matheson: Lead guitar, Vocals Melissa Martin: Keyboards, Vocals Shawn Downey: Drums

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