About Tamar Brown

Tamar has always gravitated towards music.  
From singing in small bands and coffee houses in high school; singing with church choirs, or belting out the Preacher’s Wife soundtrack with her three children; singing and music holds some of the best memories of her life.
Instinctively and with encouragement from her children, Tamar began singing and performing with the award-winning Nova Scotia Mass Choir.  Tamar first saw the NSMC at the 1992 International Gospel Festival held in Halifax and became even more enthralled with gospel music.   While with the choir, and her term as President in the choir’s 25& 26th years, Tamar had the opportunity to be engaged with the “behind the scenes” music industry and fell in love with the environment and its people. 

Tamar comes by the music industry naturally as her Grandfather Roger Pryor was a piano player and singer in Harlem, New York until he passed in the 1980s. 
Tamar brings to the table a degree from Saint Mary’s University, (she was Vice President of Student Affairs for the Organization of Part-Time and Mature University Students -where Tamar first started planning events), as well as gained an exuberance for getting things done. Tamar has an honest and straight forward approach and encourages the same with her team and artists.

“When you are part of the Melodic Elevation & Entertainment team- you are family, and as family we can accomplish anything together”.

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