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The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is thrilled to announce the performers for the 2021 East Coast Music Awards Show, slated for Thursday, May 6 at Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The event will feature performances by Beòlach (CB), Catherine MacLellan (PE), Classified (NS), Hauler (CB), Keonté Beals (NS), Les Hay Babies (NB), Like A Motorcycle (NS), Rich Aucoin (NS), Rose Cousins (NS), Rube & Rake (NL), Silver Wolf Band (NL), Sorrey (PE), Wolf Castle (NB), and Zamani (NS).

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Africa Festival of Arts and Culture Society (AFACS) is marking the 2021 Black History  Month Cultural Activities virtually this year. Our Activities include a discussion and  the importance of Black History Month, inclusion, and celebration of our diverse  community. Master drummer Amadou Kienou is the lead presenter. Amadou will  introduce various African percussion and string instruments, perform with his  group to give you a dip flavour of these instruments while educating the audience  about Africa.

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30 Jul

Halifax Convention Centre

04 Jul

Hfx Waterfront

03 Jan

Gus’s Pub

22 Feb

Black Cultural Centre (10 Cherry Brook Road)

07 Feb

Marigold Theatre, Truro, NS

07 Feb

Marigold Theatre, Truro, NS

04 Jul

Halifax Waterfront

31 Oct

26 Jul

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